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  • Overcoming Barriers in Minds and Society


(The information below is accurate as of 19th September 2017)

DGI Byen has its own hotel facilities, which means it is easy for conference attendants to stay within walking distance of the conference. You will also find many hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions within walking distance.

Hotels in a distance of 300-1.000 meters from the conference venue - prices are per night for a single room in Danish kroner (dkr.):

2 stars (185 dkr-560 dkr)


Copenhagen Backpackers – hostel

Urban House

City Hotel Nebo


3 stars (2.595 dkr-3.060 dkr)

Hotel Sct Thomas

Copenhagen Star Hotel

4 stars (900 dkr-3.850 dkr)

Absalon Hotel 

Imperial Hotel

Scandic Palace Hotel

Gran Hotel

First Hotel Mayfair

Tivoli Hotel

Marriott Copenhagen

5 stars (5.395 dkr)

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel 

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